DIY: fringed top

fancy some fringe ??

I guess all of us out there have quite few old t-shirts that we don't wear anymore since they are old, they look "weird" on us or they're  just not the way we want them to be!
well, I've got a quick, easy way to transform your old t-shirt to a way cooler top full of
things you'll need: one t-shirt and a pair of scissors

step 1:find your "raw material"


step 2: start cutting from the bottom to top fringes around 1cm/0.39inch width, that stop near the middle of the top

step 3:your old t-shirt should start lookin like this:

step 4: start pulling gently the ends so that the fringes  don't look as if they've just been cut and make littles knots near their end

* you can also cut the part that's left under the knot ( I think it looks cooler that way) ;)

step 5: sneek pic of your masterpiece



just do it all the way and you'll have a brand new top with zero cost!

i hope you enjoyed it ;)


ps:stay tuned for a complete look


Alexia Pap

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